The Profound Learning Instutute (PLi)

The PLi was formed to advance and disseminate Profound Learning globally, by providing turn-key solutions for schools and educators. PLi membership gives you access to the Profound Learning Professional Development program, the latest brain research, various thought leaders from within and outside of education and various professional communities of practice.


Profound Learning Professional Development (PLPD)

At the core of PLi's mission is the Profound Learning Professional Development program (PLPD) with training, tools, resources, communities of practice and breakthrough software solutions that will release joy and brilliance of teachers and students.


Profound Learning Tools and Models Community of Practice (CoP)

The Profound iCubed Learning Model can be viewed as a three layered cake with Quality Based Learning, Inquiry Based Learning and Design Based Learning. The icing on the cake are the 12 Essentials needed to be FUTURE READY. This community presents the many tools and models that comprise all three layers as well as the 12 Essentials. Teacher's will be able to share their experiences of implementing these tools and models with other teachers.

Brain Research

Brain Research Community of Practice

The Brain Research CoP features JW Wilson, the Executive Director of The Advanced Learning Institute, who after more than 20 years of research in the fields of neuroscience, genetics, and other fields of science has discovered the Learning Code. The results have yielded groundbreaking, new information on how we learn and change behavior. Designing learning experiences that are brain compatible will only enhance the delivery of Profound Learning.

Thought Leaders Community of Practice

PLi will invite various thought leaders within education, as well as outside, to contribute their insights as to how to more effectively educate students for the world of tomorrow.


Geenius and the Profound Learning Institute

The transformation of education from an industrial age assembly line approach, where time to learn is rigid and quality of learning is flexible to the 21st Century Profound Learning Model, where time to learn is flexible and quality of learning is rigid, requires a whole new system of managing student learning. The GEENIUS software solution developed by the Profound Learning Institute was designed by leading educators and practitioners of Profound Learning with more than 25 years of successful implementation of the core principles of Profound Learning in thousands of schools.

Your Annual Membership

The PLi Professional Development (PD) program is designed to give you a hands experience using the same solution you would use with students. The PLi PD program outcomes are:

  • To train and equip teachers to be practitioners of Profound Learning. As practitioners of Profound Learning you will be able to...

    • achieve student autonomy resulting in the release of joy and brilliance.

    • create a curriculum/learning matrix for students and staff.

    • develop instructional strategies for integrated curriculum.

    • facilitate student-managed classrooms.

    • increase student engagement, intrinsic motivation, and love of learning by designing rich QBL, IBL and DBL learning experiences.

    • learn strategies to meet state or provincial standards.

    • prepare students to be truly FUTURE READY by embedding the 12 Essential Skills in learning experiences.

    • To activate innovation and creativity through Design-Based Learning.